Introduction meeting
Space planning
Style, atmosphere, colours, materials
Furnishing catalogue

At this stage, the approach is to determine the mood of living space, ie. create a particular style and design with a certain atmosphere (country, urban, modern, romantic, Scandinavian, coastal style, etc.).

We need to determin your taste and style, and get an idea which way to proceed. After our initial meeting I will send you an amount of inspiring interior pictures which will help us to set the style of your taste. Then I will prepare for you a sampleboard.

Handouts: material solution and colourscheme proposal - SAMPLEBOARD in variations

It already contains a sample swatch of colors, furniture (which is the closest to our idea), materials, wall coverings, textiles and accessories with description. The sampleboard should evoke the atmosphere of its concept design.

Number of meetings - 2 (one initial for discussion, the second for the discussion of sampleboard variations)

vzorkovnice vzorkovnice


Processing time – 3 weeks Price –  3.900 CZK



Price indicates one room and suggestive only.

While I am working on the sample board I am not working with the exact piece of furniture, decorations or fabrics, everything represents the exact idea to show how everything combines with your desired style still considering your planned budget.

If this concept or realization is enough for finishing up your place alone, we may terminate our cooperation at this stage, but if you have no time or you are not in the mood to search for the items on your own, you can continue working with me by entering into the next phase of work...