Introduction meeting
Space planning
Style, atmosphere, colours, materials
Furnishing catalogue

Space planning is basically the cornerstone of the future layout and appearance of the room. It will suggest the function and placement of the exact sets of furniture and light fittings designed for particular areas of the room. During this time we will discuss your requirements and habits as well as determine if any previously owned items should remain in its place. Also the measuring of the place will be needed at this point. As a result everything will be thoroughly worked into a proposal which will consider ergonomic rules and your requirements. You will receive one detailed space plan as well as one or two sub-options so yo will have the chance to compare and select the best option.

Handouts - the floor plan, views of the room in 2D and in 3D.

Number of meetings - 2 (one to obtain the above information and the other for the submission and presentation of the plan).




Processing time – 2 weeks Price – from 4.500 CZK



The measurement of the space can be done by you (following my instructions) and sent to me. If required I can do it on-site.

At this stage you will not receive the suggestion on a specific type or brand of furniture, style, color or material sceme. Layout solution becomes the basis for further developing your ideas and wishes.

Price indicates one room and suggestive only. Price depends on size and volume of the project.

Prior every work I will provide you with an exact price offer where all services and steps are described. You will be aware of what your are paying for and it is up to you in which phase you would like to stop or continue.

If you will require more than just the space planning you can come and check out what I can do next...