Introduction meeting
Space planning
Style, atmosphere, colours, materials
Furnishing catalogue

This is a concrete approach to the catalog of furnishing and fixtures, including the materials and accessories matching the given budget.

The catalogue will be completed with pictures and descriptions, what everything is necessary to buy including the colour of paint on your wall, wallpaper, furniture, paintings on the wall, light fittings, ornaments. We will also determine where to buy the items, how much is the exact price, what is needed to be custom-made. The items which will be custom-made will have their own picture and description which will be suitable to give to a carpenter (in a bigger volume the price is set up individually). This phase will complete your project from A to Z as per your budget.

Considering how much time and energy you would spend on making researches and finding the right items it is worthy to call me and do it together.

Handouts: Furnishing catalogue, additional materials

Number of meetings: 2-3 (consulting during the process, handing over the final presentation), the rest communicated via e-mail


Processing time – 2-3 weeks Price – from 5.500 CZK



The price for this phase depends on individual showroom visit, in case more visits are needed for finding the right furniture piece, the price is getting higher = bigger time consupmtion and travelling expenses.

At this stage you are in posession of all the necessary design documents and you can basically start your implementation on your own, without any help of a designer.

What can I still offer you? One-time consultations during your implementation, wallpapering, sewing some accessories, additional styling.